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Who we are -  

Welcome to Web Design By BayBrook.

We are Terry & Bethany-Anne Brown. We are a family run web design company since 2000. We are located in Massachusetts in the United States.

Currently we are designing and specializing in custom websites for sites for the dog breeder and canine enthusiast. Developing a unique presents on the web with custom logos and graphics for your kennel or small business. We are sure you will find Bay Brooks prices are very reasonable once you contact us.

So you have been thinking of having a website and just don't know where to start, right? Don't have a creative bone in your body? Well, if you are looking for a web designer to create a clean, professional, beautiful and unique web site for you, then we are the web designer for you! Whether you're starting out with your first web site or looking to revamp an existing web site we can help make sure that your site stands reflects who you are and stands out in a crowd with a very personalized custom design.

We will ensure your web site  is easy to navigate, downloads fast and most of all is attractive to the eye. We will be in contact with you during the process from the preliminary planning to the final delivery and promotion of your website. As your site takes form you will be able to view a 'rough draft' of the web site which is uploaded to a secure online directory. We expect you to play an active role in the process as well, after all it is your website - we do your utmost to ensure your web site represents the dedication you have to your special breed or business.

Why should you have a web site?

Unlike yourself, your website is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
A website is viewable around the world
Efficient way of advertising in the canine industry.
Your competitors have websites so you can't afford not to have a web site!
Gives fellow breeders in the industry quick and easy access to information such as - history of your kennel, pedigrees, photos, recent show wins, litter announcements.
Your web site can include all of the information that you have previously been providing to people on paper
Your information is ways up-to-date and all your information can be found in one spot

Want more information?Email: info@BayBrookDesign.com

What we offer
Personalized custom website graphics including logo design
Beautiful, fast loading, easy to navigate websites
Listing with search engines
Website Maintenance
Website Makeovers
Domain Name Registration
Business Cards

Want more information?Email: info@BayBrookDesign.com



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